Investing isn’t a subject taught at school nor is it a subject you can easily learn about from a book. You need skin in the game! You need experience. So let’s start, shall we?

Let’s dive deeper into what Blockchain is and how this incredible new technology is reshaping our world.  If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrency, listen to this first!

In this episode I talk about why I believe women are afraid of money. How a woman’s mind is wired differently to a man’s and… Most importantly, how you can develop a positive mindset around money and financial matters.

If you struggle to save money, pay off bad debt or just want to feel more confident about how you manage your money and have no clue where to even begin. Then this episode is for you! You don’t just need a budget you need a Money Plan! 

All parents want the best for their children. They wish to teach their children how to become better versions of themselves and with that comes teaching them how to value money, so they don’t inherit our old money beliefs.   

In this episode, I am sharing exactly how I’m investing my money in 2020 and why. As a self-taught investor, I know how hard it is to get well researched tips and insights on current strategies. Listen more for my top 10 tips.

In this episode I explain some key historical events that impacted how the world went from believing in REAL money being GOLD and SILVER to the current Monetary system that is based purely on confidence.

What is money to you? The pieces of paper in your wallet? A plastic card? Little digits on your bank account? Let’s explore the differences between CURRENCY and MONEY. 

Listen if you are looking to change your current financial situation, uproot old money beliefs and want factual and practical steps on how to build financial independence and long term wealth.